Increase the offline storage quota for Kindle in epiphany

You can install Amazon's Kindle Cloud reader as a webapp on Fedora Linux using epiphany from gnome-software.

This just leaves you with one issue, the default offline storage quota for Database is a measly 6m, which you hit real quick.

Turns out, webkitgtk3 used to offer an api webkit_get_default_web_database_quota with webkitgtk3, which has been removed from webkitgtk4 used by epiphany.

To manually update this quota, locate the folder used by epiphany in application mode for Kindle.

$ ls ~/.local/share/

Open up the Database file here, and manually set the quota

$ cd ~/.local/share/epiphany-kindlecloud-xxx/databases
$ sqlite3 Database.db
sqlite3 > SELECT * FROM origins;| 6164480
sqlite3 > UPDATE origins SET quota=102400000 WHERE;

And now back to life.


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