Unity vs gnome-shell : the small things - status tray

Unity vs gnome-shell : the small things - status tray 

gnome-shell status tray is an interesting implementation , written in js. Consequently, easy to learn, write for, and extend. What does bother me here, is the focus steal.

When a user click on a status tray icon and moves the cursor down diagonally, focus will switch to next nearest tray icon. This is rather annoying, and more so due to the space between the menu and the icon.

A bug has been filled for this ( gtk menu grab ? ), which Iam unable to locate.

With Unity, this is not seen as the icons are smaller and consequently user has very minimal chance of switching applet when a user moves the cursor diagonally down. Seems to me a good implementation of UI ( or is this fitt's law ?)

edit: gnome-shell has made the larger, thus fixing this issue for me.

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