Samsung Omnia HD ( Gt i8910 )

In short, this phone sucks, atleast to me.

Really annoying

* default firmware shipped with the phone is buggy ( web browser crashes on stop )
* WPA wifi connection is not supported
* VPN is a major pain in the ass
* any files/data received via bluetooth are saved to inbox, and cannot be directly saved to a user specified location ( You can access it from file system using a 3rd party file manager )
* Birthdays/appointments are not listed on "Home Page" ( alteast 24hrs in advance )
* Not very hackable
* Samsung sales team is not very helpful
* Windows only SDK ( Yes, to install the same on linux would be a major pain, in comparison to Android )
* Phone case/scratch guard are not easy to obtain
* Photo contacts are not listed as thumbnails, but as icons on "hover"
* 3D home screen navigation is not configurable
* lack of ogg/flac support with default install

* Adobe PDF - Terrible user interface, lacks full screen support ( Picsel viewer is way better )
* Horrible keyboard layout ( When using alpha-numeric kbd, the "Ok" button is on the top left corner, needing a massive shift )

Not particularly

* Opera has not been released for S60v5
* Phone needs to be modded to install most application ( Needs HelloXX2)
* No centralized application market, barring Ovi ( which is nokia ), and Samsung App store which lacks S60 apps ( on last check )
* Lacks kinetic scrolling

The Pros

* Super wide/big AMOLED screen, with auto-brightness setting, readable in broad daylight
* Accelerometer , and auto-orientation.
* Proximacy ? sensor will auto-lock/unlock the phone when you place next to you ear, or move it away from yourself.
* Easy to use scroll bar ( feels natural )
* HD Games from gameloft ( for ~USD 5 ), and are pretty good.
* Sports tracker ( from Nokia ) is rather amazing piece of software
* Podcast support
* Roadsync ( fro connecting to Office email via MS exchange )
* Route99 for Navigation ( Is far better than google maps )
* Supports for PIPs, and QT
* Support for high quality divx files ( and flv )
* QuickOffice, and Officereader ( 3rd party ) allows one to read MS office, and OpenDocs on phone
* Support for multiple, and custom alarm
* Support for displaying multiple timezones
* Support for zip file, in default install
* MTP support
* A very nice dictionary
* Business card reader

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