BSNL inet connection and security

it SUCKS. longer story


The modem provided is DNA A211, which by default uses user/pass admin/admin, and the console interface can be accessed by Wireless !

It most likely uses linux kernel 2.6.8 , with probably gnu based stack. I am not able to see the sourcecode being publishes anywhere on the website.

The modem needs a reboot every day, I am still not able to figure this one out, to maintain a stable connection.

It does not provide automatic signal strength for wireless ! Nice way to suck my UPS dry when it runs on batteries.


We can only change your plan, during next billing cycle.


  1. compile openwrt for this modem. this is built on broadcom 6338 SoC. and its supported by both linux-mips and openwrt. good luck. happy hacking. ;-)


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