recover partition table

oh no ! you deleted/overwrote/spilled coffee on your partition table ! what next ???
for everything (almost, but coffee) you can check out testdisk, part of Fedora, and follow the instruction on screen,


One fine day, the birds were singing outside, a bright sunny day, and then I had install fedora on my a test box, on which I incidentally had installed a old hdd with lots of old pictures from my school/college days. And so, the saga began.

Working across three systems ( EeePC, my office laptop, and test box ), and was happily strolling along , clicking on next during install. And then, horror struck, as I realised I had clicked "Remove all partition ..." , and in an instant my hands were on Ctrl+Alt+BckSpc. Little did I know, the partition table was blow clean, and written with a new one. All I could do was reconcile in the fact that the disk was not formatted, and no new data was written.

Here begins my search for the magic to recover my disks partition table. I looked up gpart, which looked good, and downloaded the source. Alas, gpart failed to build, with trivial errors. Working through them one by one, I ended with "yum search ntfs", and on the last line I saw testdisk.

And I saw light, for i was saved, and testdisk unfolded it's magic and saved my data from being lost for eternity.

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