I wait by for you
Looking through the day, anew.
Hoping you would drop by
to say a hi.
Ending my day with a smile
while i work for my dream, meanwhile.

-- ritz


you charge me up
you bring me down
where would i be
without your sound

-- ritz


asking all the day why
for all we look for one
hoping her to be my sun
shining through my mind
giving my heart, the needed wind

-- ritz

Romeo and Juilet

build me a Mountain
says the fair maiden, besides the fountain
and all Romeo can say
i can promise you me, through the way
of life
as my wife.

-- ritz


Life , i shy away from
for love is my companion
with me, when i am alone
with me, when i sleep
with me, when i live
with me, until death
tear my life apart from me.

-- ritz

What after death

neither hell, nor heaven
for there is none
God was never there
nor there shall be one.

-- ritz

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