Journey to bombay for a friend's wedding

Sunday's itinerary

Runa, Ritesh and Saurabh
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Woke up at 6:00hrs.
Cooking up vegetable soup ( cabbages, carrots, spring onions, baby corns, peas, pepper and salt )
Hit shower by 6:15hrs
Runa texts me, will be starting for bombay late
Sleep off by 7:00hrs
Wake up call at 7:30hrs
On road, and having (second) breakfast by 10:00hrs
Reached venue by 10:30hrs
Rituals and more followed.
Food at 13:30hrs ( 8 rasmali, 15 odd puris )
Hit Kandavali to meet up with Jatin ( who will be married today )
Had second round of food by 15:00hrs ( 15 odd chapatis )
Heading back to Pune by 17:00hrs
Sleep, wakeup, sleep, food, sleep, sleep
At home by 22:00hrs, Sleep.

Me here, with Mr. Bathe (right) and Runa (left). A

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