rhythmbox refuses to exit

Die, die, die does nothing
magic words i spoke do your thing
killall is my last try
but then i ask why ?

and rb refuses to die. Seem to do with dbus-activation code, which is a part of fedora. The problem lies with unannounced death of rb at hands of SEGV the dreaded.

Update: Traced this to gstreamer-plugin-ugly

Thats me

Thats me
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One month of running around, followed by a month working out i see myself with a stressed out wrist.

blame the mouse ! and i am sticking to my natural keyboard ( yes, MS )

foss.in seen on horizon

foss.in is up again, and is focusing this year on developers and contributors minus the advocacy. I have submitted a talk on hunting bugs down in gnome and hoping that the same be accepted.

me says "fingers crossed"

an affair with gyachi

For fun, i was poking around code of gyachi, and trying to move the same to a saner gtk code rewrite ( probably with glade/gtkuibuilder ), and hopefully gstreamer framework.

GStreamer is the de facto multimedia framework used on gnome platform, and has an almost excellent documentation.

As the saying goes, we cannot show the absence of a bug but only the presence and i hit one. One bug killed for one, and still wading through the tutorial.

spell check on gedit

Using linux with gedit ? Using spell check ? Enabling spell check for every document ?

Salvation should be found for thy at : gnome bug #305055

GitLab runner on Windows with bash shell on windows contianer on Docker

As part of your pipeline, you may need to perform browser testing across different platforms/environments. To minimize testing time, it'...