Dark sky

Inspiration comes from the least expected source. A collection on uncoordinated dreams.

I saw her on porch waiting for someone. A pretty face with joy masking a tint of sadness ...

Grass was green , covered with dew. Birds were chirping and you could hear in background kidding laughing and playing. You could see a sun ready to sleep, and a moon ready to jump into the sky. And the roads started to look dark when patch of cloud conquering the sky ,as if it knew of the imminent pain that was to follow soon.

She was sitting on porch, wearing a sky blue crumpled top with a cream colored skirt which cut of a little below her keen matched by a pair of exquisite sandals. She was looking up time every few minutes in hope that she could travel back through time and freeze time.

And she caught my eyes. I was standing on road, fearing the light i could see flowing away from her porch o capture people's heart. I could hear her thoughts whistling away among wind, padding from one breeze o another till her thoughts hit me.

With every thought that hit me, i wanted t break my shackles that were keeping me tied down. And used my last bit of strength to drag myself to a tree, standing right besides her and onlooking at her life.

She lifted her head, and smiled at me. I could feel a air of freedom. Felt powerful and felt right. I wanted to take a step further, and to realize chains are only so long to allow the illusion of freedom. She stood up, to take her first step towards me. I wanted to ask her help for freedom, and yet i was scared, if she could run away with fear when she saw the ugly sight that held me. I knew a matter of time, and not if that she would see.

I could feel her warmth next to me, and a smile that could melt away a glacier. I could see her eyes, intense and painful. Her voice attractive and of a sea nymph.

And then, i realized a strong tug pulling me back to a dark road and fear in her eyes. The sky started pour out of pain, and i could see her drenched and her tears whipped away among the rain drops. Her skin glistening with water, reminded me of Goddess "Venus".

Darkness fell over, and i could see her or anything anymore. I stand where i was, awaiting he morning accompanied by rain and my shackles trying to pull me back.

-- Dedicated to "Life"

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