Hindu Customs in the Muslim Community in India

Hindu Customs in the Muslim Community in India:

"The varying opinions that Indians hold on an issue like cultural identity is highlighted when we talk of our country's ancient past before religions like Islam and Christianity were introduced into India or rather before these religions came into being in the country of their birth. A Muslim or a Christian would be indifferent if not hostile to India's past before his religion came on the scene.

The history and heritage of a nation belongs to all its inhabitants because their forefathers had made it. Subsequent conversion of some of the inhabitants to a religion originating in another country need not deprive them of this heritage. Had this been so, the Greeks after their conversion to Christianity should have disowned the Acropolis, the Olympia and looked with contempt and hatred on Athena, Zeus or Herakles who were deities of the ancient Greek religion and are still fresh in the memory of the Greeks."


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