DHTML WindowMaker Sim

DHTML WindowMaker Sim

This is terribly out of date. Nearly all of the links are old and broken. My contact information (icq & efnet nick) no longer apply. The JavaScript is from an era when document-based events (as opposed to layer-based events) were what you had to work with.

WindowMaker has come a long way since the time this sim was written (a few years ago). Are you old-sk00l enough to remember those green workspace buttons on the clip? (It was so long ago that there was still controversy over whether to call it the fiend or the clip!) One day, my long-promised rewrite will become a reality. But don't hold your breath... it's going to be a while.

By the way... this may be viewed ONLY with Netscape Navigator version 4.x. Not IE, not Mozilla. Not Netscape 6. Certainly not Opera, NetPositive, or Konqueror.

The page might take a while to load. Don't click anything until it's finished loading!

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