17 January, 2006

Atheism in Hinduism

Atheism in Hinduism:
Sujoi Karampuri

There are many religions in the world and they usually have a propounder i.e. a person who has started the religion like, Prophet (Islam), Christ (Christianity), Guru Nanak (Sikhism) and many more like Jain, Zarasusthra. But Hinduism does not come into this class as it has no propounder. It has come into existence through time suiting the lives of the people of the land.

And many of these religions have been founded on few steadfast rules. ONE who obeys them shall be a part of that relgion. You need to abide by few rules to be it's follower. IF you go against it you are thrown out. One of the steadfast rules in most of the above relgions says that you should definitely believe in a particular person, idol or an icon to be it's follower. It has few axioms. Hence are not debatable."